ASUS RT-line critical vulnerabilities; Linksys E-family infected with malware

A new post by Ars Technica published yesterday reports two critical vulnerabilities affecting a series of ASUS RT routers. According to the report almost 13,000 routers have been exploited in the 8 months since the vulnerabilities were publicly disclosed, and the users of those routers have had files leaked online. ASUS is said to have patched the routers late last week.

As if that wasn’t enough, the same article makes mention of an attack that infects Linksys routers with self-replicating malware. The worm doesn’t seem to be stealing any data though.

Dan Gooding, the post’s author, notes in his closing paragraph:

Taken together, the attacks are a sign that routers and other Internet-connected devices are being subject to the same in-the-wild attacks that have plagued PCs—and in some cases Macs—for years. Readers are advised to lock down their routers by installing any available firmware updates, changing any default passwords, and ensuring that remote administration, Cloud, and FTP options are set to off if they’re not needed

You can find Ars’ post here.

If you have any questions or if you spotted any errors or omissions, please leave me a comment.


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